360 DEGREE SECURITY SERVICES is most reputed and prominent Security Service providing firm in all over Maharashtra

Security Professionals

We have a team of experts who will visit your premises and will let you know the area of potential security threats

Security Consultancy

We are consultant for the Individual, Residential, Office and Industrial Securities

Security Servey

The Security Survey is a necessary first step in establishing or assuring an adequate security posture.

Event Security

security services and solutions to meet Client's specific needs during Corporate Events, Entertainment, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Sports Events, Trade Shows & Exhibitions and Annual General Meetings

Tourist Security

"Safety and Security of tourist should be of utmost concern to everyone in the country " We Indians are taught with the golden verse �AtithiDevoBhava� and are known in the entire world for our hospitality.

Technologies and Security

360 DEGREE SECURITY SERVICES have rich experience in designing, remodelling, maintenance and installation of security technologies in all areas of operation (sales, industry, logistics, office buildings, hotels etc.) We guarantee 24 hour service to our clients.

Electronic intruder alarm systems

Electronic intruder alarm systems are designed not only for building protection but also for calling an emergency squad to assist assaulted.

Camera systems(CCTV)

CCTV are used to monitor movable,immovable property.They are also use for monitoring the vicinity of the safeguarded property.

Mechanical security systems

Safety and fire protection doors,Security cash counters,Vaults, safes, weapon boxes ,Ballistic resistant bank barriers

Detection systems

They are used to ensure security of people in areas with increased security threats (courts, airports, sports facilities etc.) as well as to protect property,eg.in industrial sites

Electronic security and fire alarm systems

Electronic fire alarm systems (EPS) are used to protect people and property against fire.

Turnstiles and Gates Security

360 DEGREE SECURITY SERVICES provide security for various aspects It includes Turnstiles,Gates,Mechanical barriers

Our Skills

Our services will exceed the expectations of our clients. We will provide first class security with our personal touch of customer enthusiasm





Physical Fitness


Ability to Serve Client’s Needs


Why People like us?

We are commited to provide Effective Protection to our client.this is our prime Moto towards our success and yous security

Our professionals are always ready and alert and provide Instant Respose to our client and make us proud. As a security consultant this our priority to give instant respose.
We provide Security intelligence is the information relevant to protecting an organization from external and inside threats as well as the processes, policies and tools designed to gather and analyze that information.
A good security guard is always alert and aware of his surroundings. It is necessary to constantly stay focused and avoid distractions as much as possible, or risk missing something that could prove important.

Headquarter Gaurding

is responsible for business promotion and placement of personal with the help of sophisticated office automation system

Special Security

under highly experienced security professional carried out threat assesment survey of plant or factory to provide protection.

is staffed with professional security expert to keep themselves abreast of latest development in security technologies.

Aparts from institusional security 360 degree provide wide range of wild range of investigation services

for collection of intelligence data about union activities and all kinds of information useful for management




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